Design Your Own Engagement Ring

custom made engagement ring

It is surprising how many people have the romantic idea to design their own engagement ring. The desire for uniqueness, and the knowledge that you put yourself into the design of the symbol of your love of another are powerful feelings.

But just for a moment, step back away from all the emotion and consider these things: what do you (or I) know about ring design? Have we ever tried to draw a perfect image of a ring? Do we know how to convert a drawing into a final ring? How is the metal formed in intricate detail so perfect that no flaw or mistake is ever visible? And on and on…

The finest master craftsmen, working with proper tools and a perfect illustrated design, will take months and months to hand-make a ring. A factory can make it in a day or two but they need months to create the special mold for the specific design. And even if you have 6 to 10 months to kill and don’t care for the time, you might care about the cost that such a process will incur and price you will pay.

After 6 months and maybe $10,000 you could have the ring you designed, but now you need to add a diamond or two and several thousand more dollars and when it is all done, your ring will really not be very much different than another that was ready and waiting for you all the time at half or less the cost.

draw diamond ring customized

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At we love romance and our business is built around it. But we also know from experience that the mental image most people have of the perfect ring is only a general idea, a bit of a fuzzy image of what they want.

And we are here to tell you that 99% of our customers who started with a desire to design their own ring, found the ring of their desire waiting for them in our vast collection of ready-made settings.

Out of the many hundreds of designs and styles we offer, we will bet the farm that if you take the time to look carefully, you will find the ring of your dreams and all you need to do is decide which diamond you want to set into it. And here is where you actually do some design work.

We offer you two ways to design your final ring:

1) when you find the setting you love, then you can select from our large collection of loose diamonds to find the perfect stone to set in it; or

2) if you see and love one of our pre-selected settings in our “Build-your own” department, you then just pick the diamond that fits your price range and taste, and you will have your final perfect engagement ring.

And as a final bit of good fortune, your perfect engagement ring design will have a final price that will amaze and please you. Go ahead, search our many ring styles and designs. We are confident your perfect ring design is already there and waiting for you.

Let us know if you have any questions!